Barton G. Kids Hear Now Foundation

The Barton G. Kids Hear Now Cochlear Implant Family Resource Center, housed at the University of Miami Ear Institute was established to create a seamless process that takes into account the social and emotional aspects of children with hearing loss and their families while providing the most current medical technology.

Professionals and Services available for your child

Audiological Evaluation

Professional: Audiologist

This evaluation will assess current hearing status to determine the degree and type of hearing loss.

Cochlear Implant Evaluation

Professional: Audiologist

This evaluation includes testing your child’s hearing with amplification to determine the current function and benefit.

Auditory Verbal Therapy

Professional: Auditory Verbal Therapist (AVT)

This evaluation assists in determining current skills and in developing a plan for services which may be obtained at our Center or closer to your home.

Educational Guidance

Professional: several

During this process, we can discuss the child's current services, and assist families in providing them information for local services.

Psychological Consultation

Professional: Psychologist

Consulting with a psychologist can help families understand this process and address their emotional needs and concerns.

ENT Consultation

Professional: Ear, Nose & Throat Physician

This physician will answer any of your questions and evaluate if there are any concerns in proceeding with the cochlear implant evaluation.

Family Counseling

Professional: Entire team

This usually occurs soon after the initial visit to explain what the cochlear implant process entails.

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Download the Resource Guide Booklet

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Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants are devices that assist in providing improved access to sound and speech intelligibility through electrical stimulation.

Cochlear implant systems consist of two parts: 1) internal implant and 2) external sound processor. The internal portion is surgically implanted and the external portion is worn behind the ear with a cable and magnet that attaches to the skin. Depending on the child’s age, there are other wearing options, such as clipped on the body.The external portion consists of:

Sound processor:

functions like a “mini computer” that captures acoustic sound through microphones and converts it to electrical stimulation.


a cable is attached to the processor and is connected to the coil. The coil is the round piece that holds the magnet and sits on the skin. The cable/coil allows the transmission of sound to travel from the processor to the internal implant.


all cochlear implant systems require the use of batteries to power the device. Options include disposable or rechargeable batteries.

Cochlear implant systems use electrical stimulation to deliver sound to the damaged hair cells in the inner ear. Cochlear implants send tiny electrical pulses to stimulate the hearing nerve. It does this by converting acoustic sound to electrical sound. This is different than a hearing aid, which amplifies acoustic sound to make the sound louder.

Your support will help change the lives of hearing-impaired infants, children and their families

The Barton G. Kids Hear Now Foundation strives to maintain as little overhead as possible so that your support and donations go directly to helping with therapy, support and care of cochlear implant recipients and their families

Family Resource Center

The Barton G. Kids Hear Now Cochlear Implant Family Resource Center will provide newly diagnosed children and their families with information, education, counseling, guidance, support and resources about hearing loss, speech/ language development and more specifically about cochlear implant and technology.

Our People

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Advisory Board

Parker Taylor

Parker Taylor

Greenberg Taurig

Parker F. Taylor is a Shareholder with Greenberg Traurig. Mr. Taylor focuses his practice on tax law, wealth management, and trusts and estates. He has served on the board of the Kids Hear Now for the past three years and also is committed to providing pro bono estate planning to Holocaust survivors throughout South Florida.

Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson

Foundry Commercial

As a Senior Associate, Matthew Anderson leads Foundry Commercial’s South Florida Tenant Advisory Services platform alongside Principal and industry veteran, Randy Olen. Mr. Anderson is on the Advisory Board for the Barton G. Kids Hear Now Foundation and is on the Executive Committee of the United Way Young Leaders

Allison Weiss Brady

Allison Weiss Brady


Allison Weiss Brady currently serves on the board of Jackson Health Foundation, The School of Social Policy & Practice at UPENN, the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation (founded by Danny & Russell Simmons), and recently on The Barton G. Kids Hear Now Foundation. She is active in many organizations in South Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania.